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Dear foreign friends in Wuhan,

I am not only a Chinese native speaker but also an experienced university TCSL (TeachingChinese as a Second Language) teacher. I have a lot of students studyingChinese, and they come from different countries, such as U.S.A,UK, France, Germany,Japan, Korea, etc.

If you want to study or  work without obstacle in a Chineseenvironment or pass HSK successfully, contact me by email, and I will offerChinese tutoring for you. You will  improve your Chinese listening, speaking,reading, writing(including business Chinese), and get to know some Chineseculture and Chinese social etiquettes. The tutoring time, place and plan are negotiable.

P.S. You can also contactme by email if you have any questions about Chinese language.

Contact Email: sky5176@hotmail.com

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