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Business Chinese Training
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Business Chinese Training

Fluency in Chinese can make the difference between surviving andthriving in the global business environment. Our mission is to help studentsdevelop Chinese language skills that improve confidence and job performance.Focusing on real-world communication activities, we develop instruction that iscustomized for each student and appropriate for their business environment.Classes may be delivered in the student’s office or home. By this course, you’llcommunicate with your Chinese colleagues and superiors without barriers, and integrateyourself into the Chinese environment.

Enrollment Target: Foreign employees working in Wuhan’s enterprises

Enrollment level: Elementary Chinese or Pre-intermediateChinese;

Training Contents:  1) Grammar in Business Chinese; 2) Business spoken Chinese;

3) Business Chinese writing

Topics: 1)Business Orientation   2) Business Interaction   3) BusinessCommunication

4) Business Activities   5) BusinessTransactions

Training Form: 1 on 1teaching or group teaching

Training Arrangement: 1-2 times a week

Fee: It differs in the number of students

ApplicationMethod: Please consult or apply for the program by E-mail with the form “Name—Nationality--- Occupation---Position--- Chinese level”

E-mail:  Leirain984@163.com

Contact: Mr. Li

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