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2015 Winter Intensive Chinese Program
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D’apprendre le chinois   중국어 수업  中国語教室

Whether you want to lower the impact of language barriers in your daily communicating or you want a better understanding of your Chinese colleagues, our personalized courses and qualified teachers will help you to achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of Chinese courses aimed at your personal and professional development, at levels and times to suit you.

Enrollment Targets: International students and foreingers living in Wuhan

Program Goal: to improve Chinese skills  and speak fluent and idiomatic Chinese.

Teaching Contents: (Optional)

1. Chinese listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar.

2. Practical Chinese (Daily Chinese, Communicative Chinese, Business Chinese, etc.)

3. HSK  tutoring.

Teaching Material: Contemporary Chinese (published by Sinolingua)

Course Duration: (1) Dec.27, 2015--Feb. 28, 2016  ;   (2) Jan. 17--Mar. 13, 2016  (Optional)

Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2016

Application Method: Please apply for the program by E-mail.

Contact E-mail: Leirain984@163.com

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