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CSP (Chinese for Specific Purposes) Courses for Foreigners in Wuhan
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                                         Chinese for Specific Purposes (CSP) Courses

Do you feel embarrassed when you don't knowhow to express yourself in work?  Do you feel worried when you havelanguage barriers when you don't know how to communicate with your Chinesecolleagues and superiors? Do you feel anxious when Chinese is still your barrierwhen you study specialized courses as an international student studying in China?  

   In order to help you to strut your stuff inyour professional field, we offer CSP (Chinese for Specific Purposes) courses. You’llimprove a lot from the courses because this is a good combination betweenChinese and your major or occupation.

 Enrollment Targets:

1.     Foreignstaff working in Wuhan

2.     Internationalstudents who are about to hunt for a job in China

3.     Foreignersliving in Wuhan

Tutors:  Qualified University Lecturers


1.     BusinessChinese

2.     EducationChinese

3.     TourismChinese

4.     MedicalChinese

5.     ManagementChinese

6.     LegalChinese

7.     FinancialChinese

8.     ArtChinese

9.     ComputerChinese

10.   Communicative Chinese

Application Method: Please apply for the program by E-mailwith the form “Name—Nationality—Occupation/Major—Chinese level”. Please consult more details by E-mail if you have anyquestions.

Contact E-mail:  905170932@qq.com

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