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【Three Gorges Tribe& Qingjiang Gallery 3day round-trip high-speed train trip】
Area : No Limit
Price : 870 yuan per person

 Three Gorges Tribe& Qingjiang Gallery

        3day round-trip high-speed train trip


D1          wuhan to Yichang                             live in Yichangno meals

take the high-speed train at Hankou railway stationD5877(14:56/16:56) about 2h to Yichangdong Railway stationthen check in

D2          Three Gorges Tribe                              live in Yichangno meals

In the morning take the busabout 1.5hto Three Gorges Tribe】,feel the historical cultur Of Chu and enjoy some local performancesin the Afternoonenjoy the beauty of Dragon stream Lover waterfallmarrige on Pillar-Supported Dwelling and othersthen you can go to some local specialty shopsabout 0.5 h



take the busabout 1.5hto The Qingjiang GallerySee the Dam of hydropower stationwalk along the Tujia cultural corridorfeel the enthusiasm of Tujia Take boats to the origin of tujia—wuluozhongli mountainEnjoy the sightseeing along the river and other famous Sceneriesthen go back the Qingjiang bay and take cars Back to Yichangthen take the high-speed train back to Hankow railway station

Service standards

1.       transportationthe round-trip high-speed train from Hankou to yichangdong

2.       accommodationyinchang economic hotel standard roomstvair conditionersingle toilet

3.       ticketstickets to Three Gorges Tribe and The Qingjiang Gallery

4.       tour guide servicelocal tour guide

5.       insurance Travel agency liability insurance is includedno Travel accident insurance and suggest you to buy one


the old over 70 and the Active duty officer certificate will have 70yuan discountThree Gorges Tribe 50yuan discount+the qingjiang gallery 20yuan discout

more details, connect us:wechat --lixiaomu7811

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