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A world-class scenery is really close to you
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Are you still follow the crowd to visit chinese cities to experience the so-called traditional culture?are you still having the trouble that you don’t have enough time to deeply experience the real traditional culture?400km away from Wuhan,Wudang mountain is your best choise。You can not visit better group oftraditional buildings,which have the longest history inChina, without traveling Beijing。If you want to learn something about Kung Fu,you can not miss this place to a higher degree。It is also the home of Kung Fu。You are ableto learn some tricks to make your friends down to the ground。This place breeds the Chinese religion,whichhas long-range effects in our daily lives。If I were you,my strong desire to travel to this place had been aroused。Here are some pictures of sceneries:

【the prince cliff】

【the golden top】

If you are quiteinterested in this place,please look down this passageand we have arrange an itinerary for you。

【Wudang mountain 2days train trip 】


D1        Wudang mountain Scenic ,spot cliffhanging Temple    live in Wudang(no food)

take the train【hankou-shiyan 08:10-11:56】at Hankou Railwaystation,then take a bus to Wudang mountain Scenic spot;in the afternoon,visit【the prince cliff】And feel the history andthe beauty,prey for peace and Good study(about 50 mins);then visit the most beautifulcliff hanging Temple ,said to be .the ImperialPalace on the cliff;after dinner,free time for your own activities;

D2          The golden top

after lunch,take a car to the Jade platform,then go toThe golden top-The top of the Wudang mountain by food Or ropeway(2.5h by foot),watch the hall where sorcererDoes his job,walk along the chain ladder to the top ofWudang—the pillar cliff(1613m above the sealevel),visit The biggest copper gilt Hall in China--【the golden top】and Meet the Zhenwuemperor ,enjoy the beauty of all mountains Andcliffs;then go down and take cars to the Shiyan railway Station to get back

Service standards:

1.  Tickets:tickets to theattraction and the cars in the scenic spot

2.  Accommodation:standard rooms(single toilet、hot water、air condition、tv)

3.  Food:no

4.  Tour guide service:great tourguide in the scenic spot(the tour guides don’t climb tothe golden top)

5.  Transportation:round-tripD-train 、bus


1.      60 year old men and active duty military personnel can get30 yuan discount tickets with valid certificates;studentswith valid certificates can get the refunding of 80yuan

2.      The old over 70 and the Disabled soldiers in active servicewill get 100 yuan discount tickets

3.      The refunding will be according to the difference pricebetween the agreement price and the discount price,pleaseinform the tourists of it before ;

4.      The fundamental equipment of Wudang mountain is underconstruction,the condition of the hotel may not satisfyyour needs,but all rooms are with single toilet、hot water and air conditioner

5.      When the scenic spot is crowded,pleasebe patient

6.      All visiting times are reference time,the accurate time will be according to the reality

7.      All extra expenses caused by policy adjustment of price ornon-anti factors should be bore by tourists

8.      The ropeway and the golden top are optional,tourists buy the tickets of their own,thetour guide will not take any fee

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