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How to Use WeChat to Translate Restaurant Menus in Wuhan

Spoonhunt WeChat service has comprehensive restaurant listing including all cities, big and small. The service has you covered from coffee to bubble tea, pasta to lamian. With millions of real dish photos, prices and English & Chinese names, it is easier than ever to explore.

Follow this 5 step guide to get the service:

1. Add Spoonhunt WeChat account by searching WeChat ID: Spoonhunt. When it asks to share your location, click YES (it may ask multiple times until it gets the data).

2. Click Near Me button on the bottom left to see restaurants near you.

3. To search for a specific dish or restaurant, type the name in the search bar and click search. Next to the search bar, you can also view other cities or change the currency.

4. Select a restaurant, and click Menu.

For bilingual map, click the address just below "Details".

5. Inside the list of dishes, select what you would like, and click "Order" button at the bottom.

After this you will get a bilingual order list to show to your waiter, and if you have special requests, you can also type it in the form and click "Translate" to show your waiter.

Spoonhunt's team is working hard to improve their machine translator, as well as gathering more restaurant and menu information to add to their millions of listings. If you are interested in contributing, please email hello@spoonhunt.com. Happy Hunting!

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