HSK Tutoring
Area : No Limit
Price : 500


    HSK certificate has become your passportfor studying or working in China.Are you preparing for HSK test? Do you feel difficult in the course of the testpreparation? Let’s lend you a hand now. Welcome to HSK tutoring class.

TutoringLevels:  HSK4,  HSK5,  HSK6.     (8 students will be enrolled for each level.)

TutoringContents:  Listening, Reading, Writing,Test-taking skills, Mock Examination.

TutoringPlace: Wuhan University

TutoringArrangement:  8 times,  2 hours each time.

TutoringPeriod:  April 10---June 10, 2017

TestDate:  June 11, 2017

Tuition:RMB 500

Application E-mail: 675576329@qq.com

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