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AirAsia opens Wuhan-Kuala Lumpur direct flights

On March 23, AirAisa, world’s famous low-cost airline based in Malaysia, launched its first direct air route between Wuhan and Kuala Lumpur.

The flight, NO. D7879, is operated daily, departing at 00:25 from Wuhan, arriving in Kuala Lumpur after five hours and returning at 18:00, arriving in Wuhan at 23:10. The maiden flight yesterday was undertaken by aircraft A330 with an attendance of over 90 percent.

It is AiaAisa’s fourth international routes linking Wuhan with Southeast Asia, following the other three to Sabah in Malaysia, Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand.

With the launching of Wuhan-Kuala Lumpur air route, the passengers from central China will be easy to transfer to more than 120 international destinations, including other cities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, etc.

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