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If you are in Wuhan, you must have definitely come across a Kengee bakery. Established in 2005, the Kengee empire has known a phenomenal rise to success since and currently holds over 300 stores in Wuhan and surrounding cities. With a staggering net profit of 500 million yuan made during the last years, its obvious that kengee is set to remain a landmark in wuhan but will soon be on its way to conquer the rest of China and take over the world.

The secret behind Kengee’s success, no doubt, lies in a great management team but also in meticulous and close attention to minute detailing in the manufacturing of its products. I have been lucky enough to visit the Kengee factory and meet one of the founders of the company, the humble Mr Jason Zhao and his friendly but professional staff. The beautiful Sakura exhibition, the unique bread and pastries shapes, the masssive cupcake plushtoys all gave an insight into their creativity and quest for originality.

I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard of hygiene maintained and relieved to know that Kengee takes food safety seriously as evidenced by the wide array of organic fruits and vegetables grown on its own farm ‘Healthgee’. Its strawberries were afterall awarded the gold trophy as Best Strawberries in Wuhan.

Kengee lovers, you defitinely missed out! We wish Kengee many more years of prosperity, having full faith that it will continue to be the cure to our sweet tooth.

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