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Inspection of Paddy Separator Equipment Before Starting

The processing technology of Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment is simple, but the equipment is relatively backward. When using paddy separator equipment, it is necessary to check whether there is any foreign matter in the main cavity before starting the machine. Before the material is crushed, it must be inspected first. No impurities are allowed in the material to avoid damage to the paddy separator equipment. After experiencing a period of rapid development, the growth mode has begun to shift from relying on volume expansion to relying mainly on quality improvement. Equipment is in an important stage of industrial upgrading. The environment must be suitable, placed in a relatively stable place, the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated. During the use of paddy separator equipment, periodically check the fixing nut of the movable toothed disc for looseness and all the fastening parts must not be loose.

Although paddy separator equipment is said to improve the efficiency of people's work, it is also necessary to check the machine during use.

Paddy separator equipment is a relatively excellent model in domestic rice processing. It has the functions of self-feeding, separation of glutinous rice, large sorghum, gravity screen coarse separation, rice milling, etc. Gravity sieve material does not remain, so that a small amount of processing can be carried out by farmers, and commercial grain can be processed in batches. The performance will be more perfect with the suction type specific gravity stone removing machine and white rice air handling unit.

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