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Restore Disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

AOLDesktop Gold is one of the best productavailable in the market, which gives a full desktop features at one place. AOLDesktop Gold is a trustworthy and efficient software. Millions of people allaround the world use AOL Desktop Gold. If you also want to download AOL desktop gold, then get if from the officialwebsite of AOL. Yet, sometimes AOL Desktop Gold users engage with glitches. Oneof the common issues is ‘Disappearing ofAOL Desktop Gold icon’. This issue quite is easy to solve, if you have anytechnical knowledge of computer. But, if you are not a tech person, then youcan take help from customer care number.

Followthe steps to restore the missed AOL Desktop Gold icon

Missing AOL Desktop Gold icon is alittle bit frustrating because it prevents you to access into AOL Desktop Goldsoftware. Hope you will be able to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon byfollowing troubleshooting steps. If you need the help of experts, then reach to customer care team anytime.


Step1. Firstly,click on the system tray, situated at the bottom of the desktop screen.

Step2. Secondly, clickon the triangle sign and allow the system to show all the hidden icons.

Step3. In the hiddenicons list, find AOL Desktop Gold icon. Then right click on that and choose to‘Create a shortcut’ for AOL DesktopGold icon.

Step4. In the finalstep, restart your computer.


If you don’t find the AOL DesktopGold icon the hidden icon list. Then, search for AOL Desktop Gold software inthe search bar. Then right-click on AOLDesktop Gold and select ‘Create a shortcut’.


Ifany above method doesn’t work, then you should just perform the reinstall AOLDesktop Gold process. For that, uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from the ‘programs & features’ manager. Thenagain download aoldesktop gold software

Hope,you have fixed your problem by using the above techniques. In case, you needexperts to help with this problem. Thenanytime, call on the customer care number, and get the assistance of an expert team.

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