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Eleven Year Old Kid Writes Runescape Malware 2

"Mostly kids writing malware take a step to show off for peers, by demonstrating 'hacking' ability. It may very well be stealing someone's game logins. This might seem trivial in the beginning, but round the web accounts are likely to be connected to Buy OSRS Gold credit card details allow in-game purchases, which could    also have virtual currency accounts amounting to numerous money," wrote AVG CTO Yuval Ben-Itzhak inside associated article.  "Furthermore, many gamers unfortunately make use in the same login details for websites one example is Facebook and Twitter, potentially putting the victim prone to cyber-bullying, together with identity theft and major inconvenience," he added.  

Of course, these young code-writers might also provide a bit to comprehend security themselves. According for the BBC News article, researchers may find enough identifying details inside the aforementioned app's source code to Buy RuneScape Gold obtain the identity of said boy, including his current town cheap his  parents had recently bought him a new iPhone.

Perhaps not the best of details one wants leaking out when, er, the very first is trying to scam gamers' accounts…      

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