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What‘s it like to become a FIFA 19 Journey star? Meet the real Danny Williams - actor Chris Walters

The Vancouver based actor reveals how it is like for FIFA Coins being involved while using game knowning that he auditioned for your roles of Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker

FIFA 19 revolutionised the EA Sports franchise while using introduction of The Journey - the very first story mode ever included inside a FIFA game. The mode saw players take control of an young Alex Hunter and follow his story from playing football for the playground each of the way on the Champions League final. Journey Mode would have been a three-part story which recently concluded in FIFA 19 although Hunter was originally the star, an additional character won the hearts of countless fans: Danny Williams.

Goal swept up with Chris Walters, the actor behind Williams to Buy FUT Coins discover what it absolutely was like appearing in a very video game and then behind-the-scenes secrets they have from working around the game.

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