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Norton activation key not working

Norton is one of the leading names ininternet security recognized around the world. Millions of users andorganizations use the Norton anti-virus software to protect their system fromonline threats. Norton offers different products to meet the security needs ofits users and each product has its own unique features. The three main productsof Norton are Standard, Deluxe and Premium. You can call the Norton Customer Service Number and speak to an anti-virus expert about allthe benefits of each product so that you know which product is right for you.

Depending on which antivirus product you buy andthe method of purchase, you will receive a product or activation key to verifyyour purchase and activate your subscription. Without the product key, you will not be able to activate yourNorton product. That is why it can be quitefrustrating if your Norton activation key does not work. This article will giveyou a short rundown on what may have caused the activation key error and whatyou can do to resolve it,

Causesof activation key not working:

·        IncorrectActivation Key: Each and every Norton activation key isunique. You should make sure that you are typing the activation key exactly asit is given. A Norton activation key is a combination of numbers and letters. The character is case sensitive so should be sure to enable or disable ‘CapsLock’ and ‘Num Lock’ accordingly.

·        Correct NortonAccount: Each Norton product and the activation key is registered to a particularNorton account. If you have multiple accounts you need to see that you arelogged in to the correct Norton account that is associated with that product. Youcan sign in to your Norton account andcheck the “Subscription” section to verify if your activation key is availableon that account.

If the activation key does not work you willnot be able to use your Norton Anti-Virus product. This means that your system may be at risk. If the steps givenin this article do not help you resolve the activation error you should contact Norton Customer Support Phone Number and speak to a certified expert about how toproceed.

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