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Heifei Training center job with Good Benefits and Free Apartment Provided with Furnishings & Al
Area : No Limit

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/2ed3ff

School Description

Lan Yu Foreign Language School belongs to Anhui Lan Yu Education & Development Co, Ltd. It has:
1. more than 400 full-time professional Chinese teachers.
2.17 native English speaking foreign teachers from various countries.
3. have helped more than 100 thousand students meet their English goals.

Our textbooks THINK IN ENGLISH Series, are original to our creative work.. Our clients include The Haier Group, China Railway Bureau IV, ABB, Steinbeis, China Airline, Heifei Huatai Group Co, Ltd, China Merchants Bank, Webex, Kurz Stamping Technology plus several law firms and other professional concerns. These companies recogni

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