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Final Fantasy 14 free extension for PS4 PC (US EU)

Although the Golden Week is over, Square Enix is extending one of the deals to June, and the deal is actually a free gift and Buy FFXIV Gil that Final Fantasy XIV Online players want. If you don't have Heavensward yet, the highly acclaimed DLC can be used for free on PCs and PS4 until June 27.

Important: The PC version is the largest number of items sold in its FFXIV Golden Week, so it is free from the Square Enix store, while the PS4 version needs to be purchased from the PlayStation store. However, both PC and PS4 extensions require the Final Fantasy XIV online starter, especially the PlayStation. Square Enix points out that its Heavensward PC download is not compatible with the simplified version of the Steam version, so you can't play with a Steam account, you can apply for a different version of the compatible account.

Heavensward's expansion gained 9/10 from GameSpot because it excites and epic continuation of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn story, gorgeous visuals, easy-to-find Final Fantasy 14 Gil, detailed environment and each Dungeons and challenges.

Critic Daveson wrote in his Heavensward comment: "Heavensward is an essential choice for those who spend more time than they admit in Eorzea." "Although new players or those are never complete Players who have played A Realm Reborn may feel disgusted by being locked out and unable to enter the expansion state, but Final Fantasy XIV provides amazing value to those who are willing to play this game patiently, which will only change over time. And continue to grow and develop."

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