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Up to 13000RMB After Tax per month! Kindergarten English teacher in Haikou Hainan Start in Se
Area : No Limit

To Apply visit this link: http://china.findworkabroad.com/apply?jobid=10801&t=11&c=ac9d00

Hainan is known as the coconut island and a beautiful vacation place for most travelers across China. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, clean air and blue skies. The locals are extremely friendly and enjoy to make friends with foreigners.

Excellent kindergarten teaching opportunity in Haikou, Hainan starting in September 2019. Quality school created to provide a higher level of education to students in Haikou island and to bring western culture to our next generation of students. A famous top education institution in Hainan well managed with excellent resources for teachers. Teaching with a Canadian curriculum all classes taught with forei

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