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As an ESO Blades Gold fan

I am looking forward to it as well... either they will do a great (or passable) job (As an ESO Blades Gold fan, I'd probably take a fair product at least until I get bored of this grind when the problem gets slanted toward an excessive amount of monetization)... OR it's dreadful and we could all laugh in their face rather than cleaning up their act after The Elder Scrolls.It'll be open season on all further Bethesda products if the following two games they ship are awful. The Bethesda community is forgiving, but many of us are clever enough to understand when we have been literally scammed. Horse Armor was a laughing stock, '' The Elder Scrolls was a scam (and inarguable FAILURE) and Blades has become their final opportunity to preserve fan good will toward any attempt at recurrent monetization for the next 10 decades.

They could say"don't expect a traditional The Elder Scrolls experience" all they want, but there's only an expectation that comes alongside the licence. But they can not simply call it something fresh, then it would not have the brand recognition of The Elder Scrolls, that is understandable. I am looking ahead to see whether it is an excellent product.

I think Blades are going to be a good game, I believe that the Elder Scrolls has taught Bethesda a couple of items and I believe that may be one reason it's been delayed. I don't really get why Bethesda is becoming so much hate, in my view they released one fair game ( The Elder Scrolls ) and one bad game ( buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold ). Another thing to notice is that Fallout has always been the adoptive child of Bethesda, with The Elder Scrolls getting all of the attention, I think that it's quite clear they utilize the Fallout series to test mechanisms they might want to add to a prospective title.

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