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How to set up AOL Mail in Windows Mail

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Both AOL mail andWindows Mail can be synced together. Everyone knows that AOL besides providingmany services, also allows you to create an account on the AOL email services.It works like other email sites and helps you to compose, send and receive emails in the form of word documents, PDFs,images, etc. The account can also be linked to your other email accounts. If youare having an account in AOL mail, you can very easily link it to the WindowsMail. By doing that, it will help you to send and receive messages via Windowsmail tool. But for that, you will berequired to setup aol email loginaccount inWindows mail and would be required to follow some basic steps forconfiguration. If you wish to create this setup then you can surely read thisblog. Firstof all, you need to configure the accounttype, incoming and outgoing server settings and also the POP settings, and thenonly you could link the account.

The steps for creating a setup areprovided below. You can have a glanceat the steps written below and implement them as it is. This will surely helpyou to configure the setup.

2.     You must note that you should have an Internetaccount before you are setting up your account on Windows mail.

4.     Configure the incoming and outgoing server settings:

Incoming ServerSettings (POP 3)

Port Settings- POP3-995-SSL

Outgoing serverSettings (POP 3)

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

Incoming ServerSettings (IMAP)

Port Settings: IMAP-993-SSL  

Outgoing serversettings (IMAP)

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

5.     Once you have configured the port and the serversettings, click on apply and hit Okay.

7.     A tab will open where you will be required to enter your username and password.

9.     Apply>Okay>Close.

This will help you toconfigure the setup and you will be able to link the accounts together. If youface any difficulty in configuring the server settings, then you can talk tothe customer executives at AOL Email Login Issues numberandget guided and professional assistance.

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