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Currently trapped in the MapleStory world class

Once again I think this kind of pursuit must much of a Drop Rate issue to keep players like me interested in the content that Maple Mobile Mesos Global currently provides.

Please GMS team increase the drop rate of this Lunar Dew Items that drop from the Desert Rats that come from the Empress's Might Job Quest.A concerned Maplestory Bishop.

So before I start to write out what my suggestion is, I'd like everyone to know that I really do blacklist a good deal of individuals. There are a lot of people who I do not enjoy, and desire no business with in game. Either because they're cyber bullies, or have been famous for scamming other people.

I'm sure by now everybody knows exactly what a blacklist is. It is that last tab on your Maple Users List, together with your buddy, party, and boss tab. The maximum amount of people allowed to be blacklisted is 26/26, and yes I have stuffed up 26 of those slots half of them being the participant and their mules. I would like to voice my view of enlarging the blacklist, or possess an NPC that sells expansion slots for blacklisting (kind of like how friend slots could be expanded).

Another tip I'd like to include as well is the hired merchant blacklist growth. The blacklist for hired retailers only allows 20 characters enabled, and that I feel like there ought to buy Maplestory mobile mesos be more. Or an even better idea is to have the blacklist within our Maple Users List to mechanically connect with our hired retailers blacklist. I don't mind writing in the names of that I want blacklisted from my shop, but when it could be made easier then not.

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