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How to create an AOL account

AOLemail is one of the most prominent email services that is intended to providemaximum security and a lot of cool and useful features to users. Creating anAOL account is quite an easy process, and one can quickly complete the process.You only should be 13 years old, and nothing more priorities are required. Youcan follow this blog to create an account, but you can also get additionalsupport at AOL customer service at anytime round the clock.

Easysteps create an account on AOL email

Step 1.Go to the AOL home page and click on the ‘sign up’ link that you can find onthe top of the page.

Step 2.Now a form like a page will open, and you will be asked to enter your first andlast name that will be displayed as sender name when you sent an email tosomeone.

Step 3.Next, you have to type a user name. AOL will give you a suggestion that isavailable. You can choose a unique name. Your username will become your emailaddress and will be essential for login.

Step 4.Type a password to ensure that it is strong and unique and hard to guess. AOLwill tell you the strength of the password, and for a good one, you should usesymbol and numbers in your password.

Step 5.Further, you have to enter your date of birth. You need to be at least 13 yearsold, and only then you would be allowed to create an account on AOL.

Step 6.Select your gender that will help AOL to customize your news feeds.

Step 7.You have to enter your ZIP code. AOL doesn't require your full address, but theZIP code will help AOL to find local stories for you.

Step 8.Next, you can get a drop-down menu and to select security questions. This is animportant step and will guide to reset your password in the worst-case scenariowhen you forget your password.

Step 9.You need to enter the mobile number that will help you to verify your accountin a difficult time logging in to your account. However, this step is notmandatory.

Step 10.You can also choose to provide an alternate email address that will also helpyou to recover your account when you cant access your AOL account.

Step 11.When you complete entering all the details, you have to click on the ‘sign up’button to finish the setup. Now you can go to the login page and log in withyour username and password.

Forfurther support, you can avail expert guidance at AOL technical support and get complete support and fix your issuesrelated to AOL.

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