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Save 6% off for rs3 gold and obtain RSorder 2X Loyalty Points

That's the bitcoin parody that launched in 2013 in homage to the  runescape gold particularly silly meme of Shiba Inu dogssaying syntactically challenged things. A way for the technologically savvy and the self consciously hip to show that they were aware of all Internet traditions, and tip each other for their online witticisms. As is often the case, though, the line between irony and sincerity eventually becameso blurred that what was originally supposed to be a worthless currency was valued at as much as $2 billion a few days ago. And that's despite the fact that it still works so poorly as a payments system that people won't even accept bitcoin at an .

One man could have the answer. Jay Meloch has suggested a radical new way of dealing with a dangerous asteroid   with a gentle push instead of a blast. His idea was to find a way of harnessing the biggest power source in the Solar System   the Sun. In the same way as you can use a magnifying glass to set fire to a sheet of paper, you could focus the Sun's rays onto a point on the surface on an asteroid. The spot where the Sun's rays met would heat up, blasting particles of the asteroid into space. This would act like a rocket engine, and might be enough nudge the asteroid out of harm's way. The scientific community ridiculed his suggestion   until Meloch received a phone call from someone who took his idea very seriously. The US military already uses collectors like Meloch's to gather radio waves. In the middle of January 2000 something happened here that shook the small town of Atlin from its winter hibernation.

I do not believe the government should force you to put something in your body, it is OUR body and we choose to do what we want to it. Making vaccinations mandatory is not the solution, I believe in giving restrictions to those who aren vaccinated is a possible solution. For example, schools not allowing non vaccinated kids to enrol. This policy would protect other children who for certain reasons aren able to be vaccinated themselves. Issuing policies that separate anti vax people from at risk people would be the way. Funding to educate the public on vaccinations to try and combat the anti vax movement would also help.

In the latest FIFA 15 TOTW ON December 10, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovi are included. Cristiano Ronaldo scored all three goals for Real Madrid as they easily defeated Celta Vigo 3 0 on Saturday. This was Ronaldo's 23rd hat trick which makes him La Liga's all time leader in that category.

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