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One of the most used email application not based on server or browser but desktop-based. It is a web-based suite of tasks contacts calendars and webmail services by Microsoft. Outlook customer service is one of the world’s first webmail services. Initially it was named as Hotmail in 1996. When Microsoft acquired Hotmail it was known as MSN Hotmail which eventually turned out to be called as Windows Live Hotmail. This was a part of the suite of products that Microsoft offers. The final version of this was launched in 2011 in various languages. In the end in 2013 it came to be named as Outlook.com. Outlook.com Hotmail MSN email and live are accounts which are all handled and powered by Outlook.com.

Problems you might face while using your Outlook.com account:

-Sign- in issue

-Keyboard shortcuts

-Sharing your calendar

-Restore your deleted emails

-Confusion in hashtags

-Unable to attach files

-Storage limit

-Deal with Spoofing

-Premium features of your account

Even though there is no set contact number provided for  Outlook customer service but the different sources such as email and help pages help you to contact the experts to help you.

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