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Testosterone undecanoate

Testosterone undecanoate is the ester prodrug of testosterone and has a midchain fatty acid at the 17Beta position. 6 It is available as an intramuscular injection and as an oral capsule and is indicated for treatment of testosterone deficiency. 14Label It should be noted that testosterone undecanoate is only indicated for treatment of hypogonadal conditions with structural or genetic etiologies and should not be used to manage "age-related hypogonadism". Label

Testosterone undecanoate is indicated for replacement therapy in adult males with conditions that are linked with an absence or deficiency in endogenous testosterone production. 14Label

Testosterone plays a key role in male sexual differentiation and is involved in regulation of hematopoiesis body composition and bone metabolism. As a result testosterone replacement therapy in males with hypogonadism can result in improved sexual function increased lean body mass bone density erythropoiesis prostate size and changes in lipid profiles. testosterone undecanoate powder

Testosterone is produced by Leydig cells and exerts it's effects by binding to androgen receptors throughout the body. 5 Testosterone affects the voice genitalia mood and influences muscle growth and protein expression. 5 Accordingly males with low levels of testosterone often experience decreased libido fatigue mood changes and dysphoria. 5 Exogenous sources of testosterone are designed to mimic the effects of endogenous testosterone.

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