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18-01-30 03:23

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SEOUL/BEIJING wow gold Flush with cash from IPOs and a lucrative online game operating business, Chinese companies are trying to expand into game development, breaking free from their dependence on foreign titles and boosting incomes.

Successful online games can generate earnings for years from monthly service fees, character customization and other micro transactions and carry higher margins than classic console games. Developing games in house also reduces uncertainties over license contracts and renewals.

The Chinese online game market may have had a late start, but it is growing faster than anywhere else. And China has huge potential with over 55 million online gamers   overtaking the United States last year as the world's biggest Web user.

Analysts say the global online game market, estimated at about a fifth of the total video game market, is growing by about 20 percent annually. The Chinese online game industry is forecast to more then treble to $10 billion in 2012, from $3 billion in 2008, according to Beijing based iResearch.

Despite the robust growth, Chinese companies have been hurt by a lack of homegrown hit titles and their shares have swung whenever licenses for hit games such as WOW exchange hands. and European markets.

NetEase saw its self developed "Westward Journey Online" and "Fantasy Westward Journey" enjoy explosive growth since 2002. NetEase shares have risen almost 60 percent this year to a record high in May.

However, online gaming is a risky business model with increasing costs. Development costs have risen to more than $10 million per title for popular multiplayer role playing games, which allow tens of thousands to play simultaneously.

At one point last year, a record 1.8 million users played Netease's "Westward Journey Online," according to San Francisco based Pearl Research.

Gamers increasingly require sophisticated graphics and game structure. In WOW as well as popular online game "Aion," users may invest months in developing a character, to build up skills and take on adversaries in a series of missions.

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