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That grew to 11 in 2006, almost 30 shows last year and about 26 already announced this year."What makes it unique is that it's a symphony on stage, but a symphony like you have never seen it before," Tallarico said. "The music is in sync with huge video screens" showing footage from games.Actors appear onstage decked out as popular characters like the Master Chief from "Halo." Or a light cycle from the movie and game "Tron" might blaze across the stage.Tallarico, who hosts the show, selects some members of the audience to play the games from which the music is playing, and the orchestra "changes music on the fly" to better suit the action on screen.The musical selections include pieces from some of the most popular games, including "World of Warcraft" (which has more than 10 million paying subscribers), as well as "Mario" and "Civilization" games.

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