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15-09-02 05:02

What picture represents the Chinese people? - Quora


What picture represents the Chinese people?

James Lu



I think this picture really illustrates so much of modern China.


The majority of Chinese are still very much poor, however, there are massive areas of the country where development has reached first class international levels.


Migrant workers, workers from the countryside are the human engine of Chinese economic growth. Chinese doesn't make its money from innovation, valued added stuff or digging up her natural resources and selling them. China is rich because Chinese people work hard, and there are lots of them.


But despite this drive to modernity and a better quality of life, family and tradition are still paramount to most Chinese. These migrant workers are taking all the goods they've reaped over the course of the year and going home to their families in the countryside for Chinese New Year. For many in China, this is the only opportunity for people to be with their families.


As important as the leadership and entrepreneurship of China's wealthy, powerful, and educated are, the real MVP in China is the farmer, the peasant, and especially the migrant worker.  If there is to be a "Chinese Century", then it would be built, literally, by the gritty, blistered hands of the Chinese migrant worker.

I don't think any other country in the world owes its development and success more to its working class than China does.  So it's really a tragic bit of irony that they get so little respect in a culture that only values wealth, status, and education.


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