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15-09-02 05:05

Common Online Chinese Phrases You MUST know

Chinese phrases that are commonly used online

重要的事情说三遍(重说三):I repeat sth. for three times because it is more the important.

世界那么大,我想去看看:The world is so big that I want to have a look.

此刻我的内心几乎是崩溃的:An emotion of not knowing what to say and expressing helplessness.

怪我咯?:Am I the one to blame?This means I am not the one to blame.

你们城里人真会玩:You guys in the city do surprised me,a village girl.
Duang~:A cyber word.It jokingly means"with special effects".

然而并没有什么卵用:It does not work no matter how useful it is.


哭晕在厕所: Someone is so angry/upset that he/she cries and blacks out in the toilet. It is always used for amusement.


e.g. 她最新的专辑首周大卖三百张,哭晕在厕所。 (Her latest album sold like hot cakes - 300 copies for the first week. She cried so hard that she fell over in the toilet.)

It's already a pattern: verb + 晕在厕所 (black out in the toilet)
e.g. 气晕在厕所 (some one is so angry that he/she blacks out in t     he toilet), 笑晕在厕所 (laughing so hard and black out...), etc.


我勒个去oh my god

你造麽?:do you know?

人艰不拆:now that life is such tough,please don't unmask me 

mercilessly.(short for"人生已经如此的艰难,有些事情就不要拆穿")


Tip: Recently it seems like people like to short a long sentence into few characters. Like others mentioned


Similarily: 喜大普奔(an abbreviation of four idoms 喜聞樂見, 大快人心,普天同慶 and 奔走相告, used when you're very happy to hear a thing happened):老師說這次考試所有人都及格了,



躺枪_(:з」∠)_(躺着也能中枪): usually the writer set someone for example or comparison when it's really low probability to be mentioned . The someone can say 莫名躺枪。


给跪: to kneel down. When it is used on a person, it either indicates that someone is outstanding in an area that you admire him/her, or occasionally someone behaves in an extremely peculiar way that you cannot understand. When it is used on an object, it implies that you are unconfindent of overcoming it. It is a clipped version of "给 someone/something 跪下了". 

e.g. 他懂十国语言,真是给跪。 (He speaks ten languages. I'm kneeling before him.

现代史纲要下周考试但现在一点都没复习简直要跪!(要跪 is short for 要给……跪下了)(The test of the Outline of Modern Chinese history is on next week and I haven't even reviewed any of it! I'm kneeling before it!)


何弃疗(为何放弃治疗): why giving up treatment.


药不能停: cannot stop taking medicines. You can see it as the opposition of 何弃疗


么么哒momoda~(to express affection)


就酱that's it


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