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15-09-22 08:46

WuhanTime Members ONLY Discount 会员专享折扣




Member Discount



Thank you for being with us through all these years. Now as  WuhanTime member, you will be eligible for special discounts in various retails.


15% off
Summer House
Address : Building 4 Wuhan Tiandi68# Lugouqiao Road Wuhan / 武汉市卢沟桥路68号武汉天地4号楼
Contact Phone : 82285186



10% off
JZ Club
Address: NO.153 Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang'an District, Wuhan 汉口沿江大道153号
Contact Phone: 82323618


10% off
Address: Wanda Plaza 3rd Gate, Han Street, Wuchang District 武昌区汉街万达百货3号门右边30米处
Contact Phone: 18627854711


10% off
Address: J2-2-4-1 Han Street Wuchang District 武昌区汉街第一街区J2-2-4-1Contact Phone: 87719960



10% off
Address: No.69 Ningkang Road, 武汉市宁康路69号
Contact Phone: 84210993



10% off
JIA Kitchen
Address:  New World Hotel 1F, Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District 江汉区 解放大道630号新世界酒店1楼

Contact Phone: 83352115



Please remember:


Membership cards will be handed out at our events and mixers. Show your WuhanTime Membership Card at the time of purchase to receive your discounts.


Discount offers are limited to one time each day at one place unless otherwise specified.


All offers are stand-alone and cannot be combined with other offers.


For enquiries or for joinning this reciprocal plan please email to


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