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19-05-15 12:57

How to Convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac?

Quicken is a top financialmanagement software that helps users and business owners efficiently track allthe financial transactions. Quicken has several online tools that help you to monitoryour investments along with your credit and debit card transactions. Thewonderful thing about QuickBooks is that the software is compatible with bothWindows and Mac operating systems. Not only that,but you can also convert your data from Quicken Windows to Quicken Macso that you can continue your work on either device. This article will give youa general idea about how to convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac.Although the steps involved in this process are fairly straightforward you cancall the quickencustomer care phone number and ask for additional tech support to avoid any data loss because of someunintentional mistakes while converting your Quicken files.

Exporting your files from Quicken Windows

While making the shift fromQuicken Windows to Quicken Mac you should follow the steps given below toexport your Quicken files from your Windows computer:

·       Go to the ‘Accounts list’ and check thehidden Quicken accounts.

·       Rename the Quicken files to include uppercase letters.

·       Enter the file name as “Account.qif” and saveit

·       Choose an appropriate date range for thefiles you want to export

·       Step 1: Login toyour Quicken account from your Mac device.

·       Step 3: Enterthe required Quicken data in the Create Data File box and proceed.

·       Step 5: Openthe import options and choose “From QIF”.

Itis quite possible that different versions of QuickBooks may have differentoptions related to transferring files. If you have any trouble completing thesesteps you can call the quickencustomer service phone number and speak to a trained executive to know thebest way to resolve the error so that youcan successfully transfer your files.

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