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corset st<x>yle bra

Although more expensive than heir corset style bra counterparts in Asia, Turkish manufacturers can offer faster delivery times and the flexibility to repeat in season. Asia cannot compete with Turkey's close proximity to the UK, which allows buyers to quickly make repeat orders on products that are flying off the rails or to quickly make changes  for example, trying a new pattern or a new colourway C to existing designs.

While Turkey corset style bra has a higher level of production costs compared with typical Far East sourcing destinations, it does offer a favourable exchange rate, adds Stephen Taylor, senior manager at Kurt Salmon. Overall, the higher production cost in Turkey compared with the Far East can be levelled out by the benefits of shorter timelines and faster reactivity to market developments.

This is echoed by Cem womens bikinis sale Altan, board member of textile industry body Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association and managing director of Istanbul-based jersey garment manufacturer Aycem Tekstil: With Turkey, brands don't have to order big quantities that they need to keep in the stock cupboard, he says. Brands can make small orders and repeat on styles. They don't have to carry extra stock. They don't have to commit, so instead of ordering 20,000 pieces of a garment they can try 5,000 instead.

And product can be turned around quickly, he suit underwear adds: Orders can be placed and samples can be received five to seven days later.