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18-05-26 02:42

How to fix email sending error in AOL Mail?

Gettingemail errors are very common especially with AOL Mail. If you are AOL emailuser and having a problem to send email,this blog will help you. Here, some tricky steps are described which will helpyou to resolve the error to send an email.Might be you face issue to follow the instructions, then you can ask customercare team. By using AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190 customers care tofind the solution. Well, you can try the given steps one by one. Aftercompleting every single step make sure if the problem gets solved or not.

1.    Check internet connection: - If you are not able to send an email via AOL, first of all, check the internet connection. Poor net connectivity and cancause such issues. So, if the foundproblem then fixes this problem.

2.    Check the draft folder: - Click on your mail and check thedraft folder, if email message gets to save as draft instead of sent. Send the emailmessage from the draft folder.

3.    Login your AOL Mail from anotherbrowser: - Ifyou failed to send email, try to log inyour email from the different browser. Thensend the email and make sure it is working.  

4.    Disable the firewall of theantivirus: Sometimesdue to firewall users face problem to send an email.You can disable the firewall and re-try to send the email via AOL webmail.

5.    Make sure you have entered correct email address: - If you have checked all steps andstill getting email sending problem, here you need to make sure the emailaddress you have entered is correct. Confirmthat and if found mistake then correctsit.

Do you still get emailsending error? In that condition, youneed to get help via customers care team. Through AOL tech support number customers can reach to trainedexperts. You can ask the technical team to fix the email sending error. Theteam of customer care is always ready to provide their best service.

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