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18-06-05 02:10

How to recover AOL Email password

Do you want to recover your AOL Email password? Have you forgotten it? Or you don’t know the ways to recover it? If these questions sound familiar to you then you are reading the right blog to recover your lost AOL email password. You can take help from AOL customer care number 1-800-234-6190, where the trained technicians will help you in recovering the password in no time.

You can also try to perform some troubleshooting steps on your own to recover the password. The steps are so easy to perform. AOL Email is considered one of the best globally used email client among the people because of its high-class features and easy subscription as well as download and set up. It becomes hard at times to remember all the passwords but you can always reset them


Check your browser first – current versions of most internet browsers offer an auto-fill feature. You must have seen a pop up appear stating about saving your password. You must check the browser history first in order to recover the password if you have clicked on the option ‘yes save my password’. If you did not save the password, then its time to use the AOL password reset.

AOL Password reset procedure-

Go to the AOL mail login page

Select to login/join

Type in your username

Click on forgot password then click next

Type in the phone number or alternative mail id that is easily accessible so that you can get a code

Once you receive the code, through email or phone number, enter it in the required field and click next

Create a strong new password that you can properly remember and then click on save to move further.

It is recommended that you must note down the password at some safe place so as to get it easily in case you forget it again. You can reach out to AOL tech support number for any kind of help regarding the recovery of your password. The certified technicians will help you out in the recovery process.

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