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18-07-13 05:59

1-800-370-0823 | How to troubleshoot AOL Email on iPad ? | AOL Email Account

Troubleshoot AOL Email Problem on iPad

With its plenty of exceptional features, AOL Email Customer Service stays ahead of other similar email service providers. But there are certain times when the most preferred email among the masses starts causing troubles to its users. There are innumerable errors and technical glitches, be it in setting up the email client on their respective devices or recovering the passwords, faced by the users. If you are also one of them then it is advised to get in touch with

AOL customer service number that stays available every hour of the day online.

AOL email is an IMAP enabled account that is fully compatible with your iPhone or iPad. Using it, you can send and receive email messages from your account, but if you are facing any iPad aol email problems then follow the undermentioned steps.

Steps to troubleshoot AOL Email on iPad

       Tap the settings icon your iPad

       Click on the ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ option

       Select your AOL email account

       Verify that your correct email address appears in the field

       See if ‘’ appears in the hostname field under the incoming mail server subsection

       Touch on the ‘SMTP’ button

       Verify that the primary server field shows‘’. Ensure that this server is on. If it does

       not then tap the server name and move the ‘server’switch on.

       Press the home button on your iPad

       Tap the ‘mail’ icon and try to send or receive email messages using your account

       If everything goes well, then you will not face any hassle in accessing your AOL email account

You must not forget that technical issues are part of every product or service but the main part is the support system which is the backbone. And this is what AOL is best in. You can reach out to AOL technical support number 24×7 without any hesitation to avail adequate and relevant services for the resolution of issues faced by you in regards to AOL Email. The team of experts has experience in fixing all sorts of issues faced by the users over the period of time. They deal with their valuable users in the most patient-friendly way.

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