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18-10-03 01:06

How to recover AOL Email Password?

AOLUsername Recovery

Many times, users thinkof recovering an email account password as a very daunting task. But actually,it is not that tough as it seems so. Not convinced yet? Then have a look at thesteps given in this blog to recover AOLEmail Password. Everyone knows the importance of password whichonce gets lost takes a strenuous effort to recover. It is however especiallyrecommended to opt for the procedure of recovery which you are sure about.

Step by step guide to recover AOL Emailpassword –

Step 1: As the initialstep, you need to access the official website of AOL. Launch a browser of yourchoice and in the address field, enter the URL of AOL Email and then pressenter.

Step 2: When you will seethe two fields to enter your login credentials, there will also be a link of‘Forgot password’ click on it so as to recover the AOL Password

Step 3: Now enter yourusername and click on the Next button

Step 4: Enter yourrecovery phone number which you have linked to your account and then click next

Step 5: There you willsee two options, one text, and another call. You can receive the verificationrecovery code by any of two modes.

Step 6: After thesuccessful receiving of the code, enter it in the field you have on the newscreen, thereafter click on next.

Step 7: Now enter the newpassword which you would like to create and after entering, click on the savebutton

It must be taken intoaccount majorly that you can also use other methods of recovery like email orthe security questions. But this above-mentioned way is the simplest one whichdoes not involve any hassle. AOL Email is a renowned service which takes careof their customer base. There are least troubles involved with this email and usershave the access to countless unique features. You must keep in mind to put anew password with the appropriate combination of numbers and alphabets. If youget stuck in between the process, get in touch with AOL customer careduring any hour of the day.

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