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18-03-31 12:33

AT&T Technical Support 1-844-762-3952

Email is an integralpart of the life nowadays as it could be difficult to manage many thingswithout email facility and AT&Tis one of the known brands in this fieldwhich provides several facilities in its emailservices. It has some unique features which providean edge over other email serviceproviders. In case you confront any kind of technical error such as ‘can’tsend or receive Email’ then no need to worry as here you can get thesolution where you have to follow the instruction in a proper manner. In caseyou failed to do so then there is another solution for every error in the formof AT&T Technical Support where qualified experts will assistyou without any hassle.

Process for resolving the issue

1.    In the beginning, you need to sign out of your email, and after that, you have to sign back in.

2.    Now you have to check it that, emailisn’t landing in your spam folder.

3.    After that, you need to open your AT&Temail account in a different Web browser.

4.    In this step, you have to clear your all the cookies and cache. This mightbe the reason for slow down browsingspeeds and conflict with email.

5.    Now you are required to review your Settings:

a.     Here you have to check it Inthe Blocked Addresses section and be sure that there are noaddresses from which you are expecting an email.

b.    You need to review the Filters sectionand you have to make it sure that your emails arrive in the correct folder.

6.    After the previous step you have toenable Javascript, and you have to ensure it that it is up to date.

7.    Now you have to disable the browsertools or add-ons.

8.    In this step, you have to enable Adobe Flash Player, and you have to makeit sure that it is up to date.

Troubleshoot inan email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Windows Live

·       After the previous option now it’stime to check to see if you have messages in your Outbox folder or not. If youfind so, then you need to remove those messages and try to send a new message.

As it can be seen and analyzedfrom the above description that you can handle the issues which are mentioned in the heading in an easy way byjust following the instruction in a proper manner. There are few steps whichneed to be followed in order to resolve the issue and if you failed to do sothen there is another option in the form of ATT Customer Care Number wherequalified technicians will assist you in resolving the technical issues without any hassle.

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