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18-07-06 10:45

Mike‘s Thoughts of Tera

I’ve been a fan of Tera PC Items PvP. There’s usually a huge discussion here for the forums on action combat, and although it isn’t essential for me normally, I definitely realize that action combat lends well to PvP gameplay. TERA's PvP has always stood out for me for that reason  and I feel Corsairs’ Stronghold really highlights this additionally. 20 vs. 20 appears to get a great sweet position for this almost gameplay and also the play area in Corsairs’ Stronghold is perfectly massive.  The mode appears like massive PvP as well as allowing for tactical plays by breaking within the team into smaller units.

The castle is large and there are multiple approaches to assault the camp, which can be great as it ensures the match doesn’t just devolve into blob vs. blob gameplay that any of us often to Buy Tera Gold XBOX see in open world RvR type castle sieges.