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18-07-09 10:39

Super-powered rebellious girl - Irina

Irina is definitely an 18-year-old girl from Eastern European countries along with Closers Credits leader in the attack on airfields. Twenty years ago, the Eastern European region was seriously ruined with the influence in the Dimensional War. Some powerful countries used this opportunity to make use of the sub-species being an excuse to make a merger of small countries within the surrounding Eastern Europe, nevertheless the small countries’ merger in the powerful countries. The policies were repugnant. A few years ago, Gerald’s commander’s forces suppressed the Eastern European terrorists as wll as reduced the facility of terrorists. But today there is usually a teenage girl that's only a decade old and possesses reorganized the indiscriminate terrorists into another organization, the Beretta Brigade, and started to engage in various high-risk crimes.

Although Ivanov could be the captain from the Beretta Brigade inside form, the whole organization is beneath the responsibility of others. Ivanov defended their own home a short while ago and confronted the terrorists inside the Russian Federation with Song Enyi. However, as soon as the Song Enyi team, their troops were completely destroyed, and lastly they lost their properties. Ivanov did super-enhanced surgery after that, and joined  Closers Credits NA to be able to recapture his home.