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18-07-10 10:36

Sniper with all the heart of steel “Tina“

Dina seems as if an innocent young daughter, but it's actually a man-made life body comprised of  Closers Credits . Only 25% of her physiology is human tissue. What is surprising is the fact Dina is usually a dead sealer. The human weapons how the remains with the remains are created from basic materials, along with the purpose of their creation is usually to assassinate the seal.

In the few months of UNION's quest for her, 13 elite seals were killed by her, which caused the corporation's high concern and gave it the codename "Evil Spirit." Under the circumstance, UNION asked the Paches Group to hunt the "bad spirit", therefore the training officers with the Red Wolf squad went to your hunting spirits, and lastly "the evil spirits" blew themselves. After the collection from the Paches Group, an original plan were to dispose of her, but on the proposal with the training officer, he was finally included from the Red Wolf squad. After resetting the command, the "evil spirit" unconsciously known as the training officer " "Instructor", this reminded the Red Wolf squad's training officer of Closers Credits for sale events, so she gave her a brand new codename "Tina". For the trainer, the robot girl looking at him isn't a bad spirit, but includes a more special meaning.