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18-05-10 04:46

MapleStory 2 CN Server Reveals Detailed Contents

According to Tencent Project Team, the last closed beta test of MapleStory 2 Mesos server is coming to a finish. The test from the unique MMO game reveals the latest open world and many new contents in game.Comic Graphic Combining Block ConstructionThe cute comic graphic combining block construction provides us a dynamic feeling, the brand new world offers us various various settings, it is possible to walk, climb, swim, go fishing, racing, go on a taxi or play your piano inside city.

There're some hidden boxes from the map that you explore in an attempt to gain a mount. MapleStory 2 has prepared numerous different achievements for players to unlock, for example Good Walker, Good Climber or Good Swimmer etc. that achievements can unlock you mounts and badges.Total Keyboard ControlAs testors said, the combat in game is awesome, the short paced combat, flashy skills and ultimate fighting pleasure are very unforgettable. All the skills as well as any other options can be carried out within the total keyboard control, inestead of mouse control.Dungeons And BossesPlayers can engage in solo or team group in 4 or 10 in dungeons of MapleStory 2.

Interestingly, after killing the BOSS inside a limited time, you are able to torture its body. Its little doubt that you will get rewards for dungeons and you'll be able to try anytime. Remember that the rewards only appear thrice. Similar for the previous version in the game, players can kill World bosses and obtain abundant items dropping.DIY Function For Character CustomizationThe character customization always attracts players setting the character and today players could have the chance to customize teir character with DIY function.

Amazing thing is that you are able to design your own personal fashion, hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, capes, weapons and mounts. What make gamers exciting is that you are able to even generate profits by upload your original design for the shop for others to purchase.Build Your Own House By Housing SystemNowadays, many MMO games have its housing system, does MapleStory 2. You can build your own personal house after deciding on Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos a house type from several kinds of houses which including villa, normal residential buildings, wooden house, and in many cases house inside the forest. It should be noted that different location house has different prices.