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Maplestory Guide On How To Create A Good Perfect Warrior

As essentially the most excellent explorers in MS 2 Mesos MapleStory, the Warrior can be a solid, well-rounded character who deliver attacks with brutal efficiency and raw strength. Then, steps to make a good Warrior in MapleStory? This topic is approximately perfect Warrior making tutorial.After creating your character by choosing either: Explorer, Cygnus Knights, or Aran, finish the tutorials on maple island.First, speak to Dances with Balrog if you are level 10 for your job advancement as being a warrior. Keep in mind, that is only the regular Warrior, that is not including an Aran, or Cygnus Knights.Second, when you're level 30, visit Dances with Balrog, and that he will tell you to head to the Warrior Job Instructor.

After the Big Bang patch, the position instructor got moved. Just check out the Skeledogs, which might be past the stone and rocky masks. Get 30 Dark Marbles and talk with the job instructor. He will offer you a letter then give it to Dances with Balrog.Then, dances With Balrog allow you to choose a job. Pick from the listed. Remember, you cant change it out. Page: High defense, medium attack, high HP, uses blunt weapon Fighter: Medium defense, Medium attack, medium HP, uses swords and axes. Spearman: Low defense, High attack, Mid-High HP, uses spears and polearms.

Talk to Mihile at level 10. When you are level 30, perform quest involving getting 30 evidence hero. You will get  your 2nd job.The first thing you should do is Buy MS 2 Mesos finishing the tutorial. At level 30, consult Lillin, then speak to Maha. Then speak to Lillin and then head over to the cave in north Rien. After the cut-scene, eliminate the bears for items and provides them on the panda blacksmith. Then go returning to   Rien and speak with Lillin to your 2nd job.