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Maplestory Patch Notes - Halloween Events

MapleStory 2 Mesos patch notes are out through the official site. As Halloween is on its way and in the updates, there are Halloween events due to this game. Lets have a look at the events.Halloween Events come about from October 19 - November 16, which require you with Lv. 33 plus more.Secret StoriesTake charge of the story and choose the endingsStart the quest by clicking the Secret Stories notifier located inside star event notifier around the left side in the screenIn The Henesys Haunting, Chief Stan requests assist to investigate the strange sightings that were reported around Henesys. Dig deeper and determine whats really going onIn Maid to Order, investigate the threats built to Phantoms life and find out the secrets kept by all parties involved. Who are your enemies? Who are your allies? There are some things simply a Master Thief may knowIn The Snow Child, investigate the sightings on the Snow Monster thats terrorizing a little village. Where did this beast result from? Why is it attacking?

Rewards: Masques Mask Masques Belt Masques Shoulder AccessoryHaunted MansionBegin the quests due to this event using the star quest notifier and accepting the quest Prologue: InvitationFind out everything about the mystery behind the Haunted Mansion, all while attending a partyHint: If you think youre stuck, confirm the Star Quest Notifier for help.Yopu could get the reward with Halloween Mask.Elite Pumpkin ZombieOccasionally when hunting monsters, it will have an Elite Pumpkin Zombie that appears as an alternative to an Elite BossElite Pumpkin Zombies drop tickets that can be used towards the event, and several Halloween Surprise Badge Boxes. However, make sure you open these boxes fast since they only are 24 hoursThe Halloween Surprise Badge Boxes contain a couple of badges: the Worn Halloween Badge, along with the Brilliant Halloween Badge. The Worn Halloween Badge has different stats every time you receive one. Although temporary using their 7-day duration, theyre still usefulThe Brilliant Halloween Badge is permanent and it is limited to just one per character.Rewards: Brilliant Halloween Badge Elite Pumpkin Pal ChairHero's GauntletAccept the quest by clicking about the notification that appears above your characters head every at a quarter-hour and 45 minutes beyond the hour between 6:00 AM and 11:59 PM PacificYou and also other participants will stand in lobby within the order you accepted the invitation. The gauntlet will commence when the quantity of required members type in the lobby, or if the timer runs outThe event is made up of destroying monsters that work as walls, jumping on some platforms, and avoiding deadly pumpkins! Keep in mind that only certain abilities works in these maps.

After running throughout the event, you are going to move to the reward map the place that the NPC will issue rewards:Win: Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets (x3)Draw: Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets (x2)Lose: Kaleido-Spinner Event TicketHalloween Kaleido-Spinner EventComplete quests inside Haunted Mansion to take delivery of Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets. Accept the quest Make Kaleido-Spinner Tickets to become more information about how to acquire tickets since you exploreThe Kaleido-Spinner Event Ticket works extremely well at any major location the place you see NPC Spin Man Dizzy regarding his Kaleido-Spinner. Aside from major towns, hes also located outside of the Haunted MansionThere are three boxes that one could win with the Kaleido-Spinner: The Halloween Modest Jackpot Box, Halloween Great Jackpot Box, as well as the Halloween Ultra Jackpot BoxOpen your box to get items for instance chairs, Elixirs, Spell Traces, or if youre fortunate, the Halloween Damage Skin.The Ultra Jackpot Box provides the best rewards, between a special mount coupon to many Halloween equip items: Halloween Earrings, Halloween Ring, Halloween Pendant, Halloween Epaulette.You can look at the whole patch notes around the official site: .