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17-10-05 02:07

Dez Bryant Jerseys was bad

Spagnola: Jumping To Conclusions Certainly Is A  Risky Business       Oh wait, sorry, that was last Friday’s lead, right? Win or lose, the season opener does not define who you are.       And you know what, win or lose the cheap dak prescott jersey second game of a 16-game season, even if you are throttled by the Super Bowl champs from two years ago, sure as heck doesn’t define who you are or who you might be.       Hey, I get it. That Dez Bryant Jerseys  was bad. Real bad a Mile High. Best part is, they get it, too. There is nobody happy out here at Ford Center about Denver 42, Cowboys 17. There is nobody happy about getting thrashed for 178 yards rushing, least of which defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. There is nobody happy, especially the guy himself, that Ezekiel Elliott rushed for eight yards on nine carries or that Dak Prescott was forced to throw 30 times in the second half when the Cowboys fell behind 28-10 after the first possession of the third quarter (7:56).The Cowboys abandoned the run.Are you kidding me? They ran for all of 12 yards in the first half on five carries when falling behind 21-10. Do the math. And on their first play of the third quarter, now trailing by 28-10, they Dallas Cowboys Jersey handed the ball to Zeke. He lost five yards. That’s now seven yards on six carries … for the team. The next Dak Prescott Jerseys three plays were penalties: Two on Denver and a false start on the Cowboys. And then on first-and-15 at their own 25, Dez Bryant drops a beautifully thrown slant from Dak, which becomes an interception returned to the Cowboys’ 23-yard line. An incompletion later, C.J. Anderson romps over those 23 yards for a touchdown. It’s now 35-10, and all you’ve done at that point in the game is Dez Bryant Jerseys run for those seven yards. Even you Madden freaks would have quit running by then, no?The Cowboys can’t win with the ball in Dak’s hands.Guess subscribers to this one forget the Cowboys trailed the Green Bay Packers, 28-13, with just 2:19 left in the third quarter of last year’s playoff game when Jeff Heath’s interception gave them the ball at their own 41. Well, 10 plays later, only two of those Zeke runs (six yards), plus an offensive holding penalty and a sack, Dak goes 6-for-6  for 66 yards and a touchdown. Next possession, 4-of-7, one defensive interference penalty and another touchdown pass, then Dak runs for the two-point conversion to tie the game. And on the final possession, now down three with 1:33 left, Dak drives the Cowboys 42 yards in five plays, completing three of five passes – one incompletion, a spike to stop the clock and one batted pass at the line of scrimmage – to set up Dan Bailey’s game-tying 52-yard field goal with 35 seconds left. Unfortunately, as you guys painfully remember, that was 35 seconds too many. So, don’t let the 50 pass attempts against Denver fool you. Remember, the Cowboys went 3-8 when Troy Aikman (0-4) and Tony Romo (3-4) were attempting at least 50 passes in a game. So please.Want to buy one? welcome to our shop