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Alas, the 13-point contribution on 31 total offensive yards.Can’t have it. Can’t win that way.Prior to the game, when talking about a Rams defense coming  into the game with five takeaways, Garrett said while the Rams defense Dallas Cowboys Jersey was only ranked 22nd, it had this propensity of providing the offense with favorable field position through takeaways.“One of the lessons every week is that the game is short, and depending on who you’re playing, it’s nine, 10, 11 possessions in the game, and often at times people will Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys say, ‘It’s just one play,’” Garrett said. “And often at times it’s one play out of those 11 scoring chances.“That has an impact on the game. You have to keep understanding the importance of those things, the importance of everybody executing and doing their jobs to keep those drives alive and keep those scoring opportunities alive.”The Cowboys, they killed two of those drives, and also set up the Rams with another prime scoring opportunity by failing to properly cover a kickoff. In Dak Prescott Jerseys the end, the Rams had 12 possessions, the Cowboys  just You need cheap dak prescott jersey look Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys no further to find that five-point difference.So the Rams left for home with an encouraging 3-1 record, saying thank you very much for your contributions since the Cowboys scored more touchdowns, gained more total yards, rushed for more yards and netted more passing yards.Yet, got beat.No wonder you guys were growling out loud. I could hear it from here.Want to buy one? welcome to our shop