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18-01-23 01:40

Dell technical support number 1-800-236-5725

Dell printer is famous among the electronic industry. The advanced andlatest features of Dell printer improved the work performanceof users.Sometimes users get technical issues with printers which can be solved by techsupport team. To fix issues  contact Dell tech support number1-800-236-5725. So let’s focus on kind of troubles which faced by Dell users.

Dell printer users’ issue:

The Dell printer shows some technical issues, which is faced by users. Themost common issue is of Paper Jam. So here we tell you how to fix it easily.

Paper jamming in printer during printing and its solution:

The paper jam issues of Dell printer can solve easily. If you face paper jamissue then follow instructions.

  • Locate the stuck papers and pull it then remove it from the jam.

  • If you found that there is no paper then might be a problem is with a roller. It happens that rollers get loose during printing

  • Tight up to the roller and fix it.

  • If still the problem is same and you found unable to fix it, then call to tech support team.

  • Dial Dell printer technical support number and ask to fix the problem of a paper jam.

The tech support team has skilled technician who will assist you in verypolite manner and will fix your problem. Don’t hesitate to call Dell Tech Support Phone Number .Get help with our technical team and start your work again.

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