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Dell Customer Support Toll Free Number 1-844-787-7041

Dell computer has different versions accordingto user’s requirements. These computers are available in affordable range withhigh-quality performance. It has long battery life competitively to othercomputers. Although Dell computer has so many amazing features it also showserrors like “Startup issue”. To fix issues of Dell Computers users can takehelp through Dell LaptopTechnical Support which number is open for 24 hours. Onthe number tech support team of Dell computers will assist users to dissolvethe startup issue within a short duration of time.

Why is Dell computer popular?

The reason behind the popularity of Dell computer is its amazingfeatures and performances.

·        Dell computer has longlasting battery

·        These computers andare available in different colors.

·        Versions of Dellcomputer has such features which make it easy to choose best pc according touser’s need.

·        It is available ataffordable rates.

How to fix startup issue on Dell computer?

·        Check keyboardproperties

·        Open it in safe mode

·        Check virus on yourdevice

·        Check newly installedhardware

Check keyboard properties:

To startup issue of Dell computer check the keyboard properties.Make sure it is properly connected to your computer.

Open your computer in safe mode:

To open your device in safe mode press “F8” in starting. If yourdevice open in safe mode may possible that your issue will dissolve.

Check virus on your device:

Virus interrupts to your device to get the start, if it happensthen scan your device and remove the virus from it.

Check the newly installed hardware:

When users install any hardware in your Dell computer it maypossible that it is not compatible therefore your device is showing an issuewith startup.

If you have completed all solution processthen you can try to ask for help to technical support team through DellComputer Customer Care Number. Thisnumber will always get answered by experts and trained technicians of customersupport team. The technicians will provide a solution to an issue in a specificmanner.

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