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18-11-01 06:18

HP Printer Not Found During The Network Driver Setup

HP Printer Support

Are you wondering about what to do if your HP Printer is not found during the Network driver setup? If your response is yes then you are surely in the right place to get the best solution. Here the issue is elaborated in the easy to understand manner and users can refer to this post for the troubleshooting. Also, it is suggested that if you think that you won’t be able to fix the issue on your end then get in connect with the technical professionals on HP Printer Customer Care that stays accessible 24 hours of the day.

Fixing the Issue of HP Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup

1.      Restart The Computer, Printer And Router: Disconnect the power cord from the router and turn off the printer. Close all the programs and reconnect the power cord to the router and then turn on the printer, computer and then install the HP driver again.

2.      Check The Network And Printer Connection Status: Ensure that your printer is ready for the setup and it is not connected to a guest network. Check the status of your network connection and the printer as well.

3.      Run The HP Print And Scan Doctor: HP Print and scan doctor to diagnose and fix the printing and scanning problems. But you will need to download it on your device. Once done start it and click on my product is not listed and then click Retry. Select your printer and follow the rest of instructions.

4.      Uninstall And Then Reinstall HP Software: Disconnect the printer from USB cable and open the control panel on your device. Click on programs and features and then select uninstall. Follow the rest of the instructions and restart the device. Now you can go to the official website of HP and then reinstall the software from there.

If you think that the issue still persists and the troubleshooting did not work then you should not wait anymore and get in touch with HP Printer Customer Support to seek the guidance of the technical representatives so that the issue can be fixed rapidly.

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