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18-12-27 06:30

Unable To Scan Documents Using HP Printer After Windows 10 Update

HP PrinterSupport

Everyone knows howimportant printers are and the impact it has on the modern day society. If youown a computer then the necessity to own a printer comes naturally. It providesa way to share large amounts of information quickly and on a large scale. Theinvention of the printer has come to be known as the most important inventionof all time.

These days, there aremany companies manufacturing thousands of printers per day. And this has led toa competition in the market as to which printer brand is the best and mostpopular. And among the many brands or company, HP has been known to producesome of the best printers over the years. But then these printers in spite oftheir good reputation has sparked some conflict regarding the inability to scanor print documents in HP printers after a windows 10 update. So, if you wouldlike to know how this problem can be handled, you can either choose to refer tothis blog or get in touch with the supervisors at HP PrinterCustomer Care

The problem ofscanning after a windows 10 update in HP printers are a common thing with allHP printer users. It happens as a result of the conflict in software. To fixthis problem you would need to perform some lengthy steps which have proven tobe very effective against problems like this.

Step1: Check The Connections.

§  Now, inspect the wireless connection, make surethat it is connected to the network and that the connection is available.

Step2: You Need To Uninstall And Reinstall Your Printer.

§  Under this option, find your printer’s name andthen click the ‘uninstall’ button.

§  On the windows screen, go to ‘device manager’ andclick on ‘printers’.

<p CxSpLast" style="">§  Now find the name of the printer and click the‘update driver’ option to update it. And choose the ‘search automatically’option.

These are the stepsyou can try to fix printer issues after updating your windows 10. If you runinto any extra error or complication, contact HP PrinterTechnical Support.

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