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18-05-10 01:07

HP Printer Customer Care 1-844-762-3952

If you areusing HP Printer and while using it you face an error your printer is showingoffline and you couldn’t resolve it. Well, there is an option for you as youcan find the solution over here and you are required to follow the steps whichare provided in the instructions in a proper manner. In case you failed to doso then no need to worry as there is another option for you in the formof HP Printer Customer Care where you willbe assisted by the qualified experts within a short span of time.

Reset the printenvironment

To resolve theissue of printer offline you are required to follow the below-mentioned stepsone by one and for that, you need to reset the printer.

  1. To begin the process you     have to first turn off the printer, and then just wait for around 10     seconds, and after that, you have to just disconnect the printer’s power     cord from the printer.

  2. After that, you have to     just turn off the computer or device that you are trying to print from.

  3. Now you are required to     connect the printer’s power cord to the printer, and after that turn on     the printer if it doesn’t automatically start.

  4. If you are connecting     the printer from W-Fi then you have to first restart the router:

    • For that, you have to      disconnect the power cord from the wireless router and then no need to      worry as Internet service will be interrupted while the router is not in      service.

    • You are required to      just wait for at least 10 seconds, and after that, you have to reconnect      the power cord to the router.

  5. Now you can try to print     from your HP printer and if it is possible then the process is complete.

Theabove-mentioned procedure is just to help you in resolving the error which youface in HP Printer and you are required to follow the steps one by one in orderto resolve the issue. If you still face some error while following the stepsthen there is another way for you to sort out the issue with the help of HP Customer Care where you will be assisted by the expert technicians who willresolve every error you face related to HP Printer within a short period oftime and without any kind of hassle.

Source: - HP Technical Support